.:: International Symposium AMDAM ::.

Hybrid: (Online + Physical - Mode), 13th November, 2022

International Symposium on “Accelerated Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing: Scientific and Technological Perspectives (AMDAM)

In recent times, revolutionary approaches adopted in the practice of materials science and engineering have opened up avenues for accelerated materials development and accelerated manufacturing. Accelerated materials development and design of alloys that are custom-made to specific applications have become current state-of-the-art in the research on novel materials. On the other hand, net shape manufacturing of complex will metallic shapes has become feasible without adoption of complicated chains of time and cost intensive processes.

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is today a well practiced discipline of materials research and addresses the challenges of accelerated material developments and alloy design, whereas Additive Manufacturing (AM) has become the modern and powerful tool for net shape fabrication. The speakers related to ICME share their reflections and use case studies to illustrate the use of various ICME tools/ platforms, accelerated and/or high throughput experiments to complement computational efforts and how the through process modelling efforts correlates with materials/ components developed or manufactured through physical processes.

The speakers on AM will deliberate on different techniques and their efficacy for additive manufacturing of metal powders, preparation of feed stocks in the form of powder or wire, mechanical properties of materials fabricated using AM techniques and role of simulation in optimizing various crucial parameters for AM. Qualification of AM components is also crucial. The focus of both subdisciplines will be related to commercially or strategically important materials and systems. In consideration of the above, the present symposium has been designed to capture the modern trends and future directions on these two important topics.