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Please find out the guidelines and template to prepare your POSTER, as mentioned below

Guidelines & Template

Poster Boards will be Reserved for only registered participants who make their payment before 10-11-2022 or give confirmation that their institute is going to pay for it.

Downloaded the Poster Template G-driveIIM-ATM2022_PosterTemplate.pptxby Clicking the Button > File will open > Go to “File” menu (top left corner ) > Download

Posters may be designed using Microsoft power point or Adobe photoshop.

• A template is provided for your guidance. Presenting authors name must be underlined.

• The poster shall be prepared in (height 100 cm and width 85 cm) size. Oversized posters will be disqualified.

• The poster will be stuck on the board using double tape provided by the organizers and it will be displayed throughout the conference period.

• Please ensure good quality paper and printing while producing the poster.

• Posters should contain, “Title, Details of authors and their affiliation, Introduction, Experimental, Results & Discussion, Conclusions and References” wherever applicable. The poster should mention the Poster number on the top right hand corner of the poster.

• Poster No will be allotted only after payment is received or confirmation for payment by their respective department/office in writing is received.

• IIM logo should be presented on the top left hand corner as shown in the template.

• Ensure that the font size of text in poster is readable. The contents should be readable from at least 3 feet distance.

• Colour schemes can be used as desired and should aid readability of contents. A draft printout on a laser printer can be used to check contrast of the colours used.

• Use high resolution figures (TIF/JPEG) with clarity in the poster.

• Multiple columns can be used, if required.

• Leave ample border around the poster for ease of sticking on the display board.

• Best poster awards will be presented in the concluding session and all authors may kindly note that their presentation will be judged.

Hard Copy of the poster is compulsory

For any assistance related to Poster Presentation, please contact :  poster@iimatm2022.in